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Leadership Challenges of a Hybrid Revolution

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How do you navigate this strange new business world when dynamics such as hybrid working and the need to embrace diversity have shifted the leadership landscape? : Adapting to this new world requires enormous changes in personal thinking and sometimes drawing upon your past wisdom or at least that of others.


Change is not a stranger to many of us. We have acquired strategies for change since the day we were born after all! For me I learnt to adapt to change before I was in double digits. Born into a mixed marriage I and my siblings were visible reminders that change was happening. Of course not everyone embraced this and their responses added to my armoury of change agility. Coupled with living in several different countries as my Father was in the Armed Forces, I grew up loving change. At one point in my life my pattern was to move every two or three years. A pattern that followed into my adult life for quite some time. Now, I do not need to change my environment quite so much and find changing my internal landscape more.


When I coach leaders, I am interested in what resources they have acquired in their lives. We forget that we already have most of the answers, often we don’t have the means to access them. What resources do you have that will aid a successful hybrid revolution in working?


It helps to break down the component parts of a challenge to see the whole as a sum of its parts. We talk about Four Forces impacting on Hybrid Working


  • The Ecosystem
  • The Organisation
  • The Team
  • The Individual


Take each of these forces and reflect on what is working well and what is needed.


Step one may look like a check list that you could be tempted to cascade to your managers. Before you do that ask yourself do your managers have the skills to address each of those points. Knowing “how” to effectively manage behavioural change is different form being instructed on “what “ to do, The Hybrid Revolution requires huge behavioural change. It requires putting the person in the centre of what we do.


If you are interested in finding out more about our approach and ideas listen to our interview on Voice of America where we explore the leadership challenge of the hybrid revolution.

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