I’m Carroll Macey, Founder of CM2

As we move forward towards a post pandemic world and hybrid working, many organisations are rethinking how to do people, processes and cultures.

We are here to help you in that rethink. Perhaps you are rethinking how your leaders and teams need to work differently? What are the skills, approaches, mindsets and different perspectives needed now?

The exponential increase in uncertainty, increasing complexity, volatility and ambiguity in the world drives the need to constantly rethink what we need individually, in teams, for our organisation and wider. What is it that you need to rethink?

• How your teams will adapt to Hybrid Working?
• The leadership capabilities needed to achieve your strategic goals?
• How to manage the impact of mental health and performance?
• To navigate ambiguity with agility for change?

Are you ready to knock down barriers, challenge assumptions and disrupt the status quo in the service of something stronger emerging?

At Cm2 we are curious about hidden realities. We help people in organisations to step back, rethink and move forwards. We help you to find that space for your rethinking.



People are important to us and that’s why we put people first at the heart of what we do. We believe that people are creative, resourceful and whole. We believe that everyone has more potential than they believe and that by creating the right environment and a bit of bravery to step outside of comfort zones, amazing things happen.  We are fascinated by relationships in every way – the one we have with ourselves and how that drives inter-personal relationships and interactions with others. Relationships between teams, organisations, countries. What an amazing world we live in with all of its opportunities and challenges. A world in which everyone  belongs. We all need to have a sense of belonging and cultures are important in driving that :-

“We are different so that we can know our need of one another, for no one is ultimately self-sufficient,” Tutu wrote in No Future Without Forgiveness (1999).
If you like the sound of that then come on into our house and lets talk some more.

What we do

We help leaders and teams to think in three ways:-
Rethinking Teams
Rethinking Leadership
Rethinking Health and Wellbeing

Clients who we have worked with


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We recently were interview by Chris Cooper on the Voice Of America Business Elevation Show on our thoughts on what leadership capability will we need to ensure successful Hybrid Working?

We share the Four Forces that need to be balanced for success and we ask listeners questions to help to reflect on how balanced are the four forces in their organisations.

Who are the people working their magic?
Meet the CM2 team