We are pioneers in Rethinking teams, using innovative approaches to partner with teams, unleashing the potential to connect authentically, to collaborate and to enhance effectiveness.

Our passion for team coaching led us to building a Community of Practice for team coaches with the Team Coaching Studio (TCS) where 400+ team coaches across the world come together to share experiences and to learn. Team coaching is in its infancy, its exciting, its powerful. Where individual coaching meets the needs of one person, in team coaching we work with multiple personalities, approaches, beliefs, values at the same time in service of the team achieving their goals. Working emergently means that we are able to meet the team where the rubber hits the road. Each team has their own journey and a road map could look like this.

At one end of the spectrum working with teams may be about helping the team to understand the need for change. That could be a focus on the teams processes, the structure, purpose, behaviours, relationships through to application of useful and appropriate models that are taught and then embedded through live coaching. It may that that team leaders need to look at how to lead teams differently today. A team is more than the sum of its parts as Aristotle famously stated, team leaders need to be able to coach teams for effectiveness and the knowledge and capabilities needed to lead hybrid teams are different. Our leader as team coach programme is focussed on developing the capability of team leaders to enhance their teams
Working with teams could mean a focus on Team Development - developing the teams capability to work well together; Team Process Facilitation where the coach provides reflection on how the team is functioning in a live situation and Relational Team  Coaching with a focus on cohesion, connection and collaboration working in the here and now as the team goes about its business.

We work across all areas, shifting between them when required. Working emergently with the team, raising the teams awareness of the dynamics as they arise and providing the team with a broader range of choices and options at both the individual level and
collectively as a team.

We have two team coaching pathways

Team Coaching
Leader As Team Coach
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