We are pioneers in Rethinking teams, using innovative approaches to partner with teams, unleashing the potential to connect authentically, to collaborate and to enhance effectiveness.

In the dynamic landscape of organisational development, team coaching emerges as a pivotal strategy, distinct from traditional facilitation or standard team-building exercises. As team coaches, our role is to cultivate an environment that empowers teams to engage in reflective practice, enabling them to uncover and address the underlying factors influencing their interactions, decision-making processes, and collaborative efforts.

Our approach is fundamentally different. We prioritize the creation of a 'reflective space' - where teams can safely explore and confront the complexities of their internal dynamics. This reflective practice is instrumental in fostering a deeper understanding of the often-invisible barriers to effective teamwork, such as implicit biases, communication breakdowns, and unresolved conflicts.

The necessity of such an intervention is underscored by compelling research, indicating that a mere 13% of teams truly excel in driving organisational performance. The remainder struggle to harness their full potential, often hindered by challenges such as building trust, ensuring psychological safety, navigating conflicts, and achieving alignment on a common purpose.

Our methodology is tailored to address these ubiquitous yet critical issues. By facilitating a process where teams learn to self-diagnose and devise solutions to their challenges, we lay the groundwork for sustainable improvement in team effectiveness. This not only enhances team performance but also contributes to a more inclusive, cohesive, and resilient organisational culture.

In essence, our team coaching services are not just an intervention but a transformative journey, guiding teams to unlock their inherent capabilities, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and ultimately, driving organisational success.

Working with teams could mean a focus on Team Development - developing the teams capability to work well together; Team Process Facilitation where the coach provides reflection on how the team is functioning in a live situation and Relational Team  Coaching with a focus on cohesion, connection and collaboration working in the here and now as the team goes about its business.

We work across all areas, shifting between them when required. Working emergently with the team, raising the teams awareness of the dynamics as they arise and providing the team with a broader range of choices and options at both the individual level and
collectively as a team.

We have two team coaching pathways

Team Coaching
Leader As Team Coach
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