Our mindfulness at work programmes help people to reconnect with themselves, with others and regain a better perspective in their lives. The benefits are huge and have been widely recorded. Press pause and discover a way to work and live that enhances your well being and your success, after all you only live once (depending on your beliefs of course!)

Our approach is aimed at:

  • Raising awareness of how to manage well being and mental health
  • Leaders being able to apply tips and techniques for themselves and their teams
  • Increasing ability to make clear decisions, manage stress and develop resilience
  • A flexible blended approach that allows you to decide the level of engagement

The support has three elements to it:

  • Lunch & Learn – Resilience Strategies for Tough Times

Open attendance to large groups one hour sessions. The focus on these sessions is to Identify workable strategies to apply before/during/after work/on non-working days to enhance resilience and wellbeing and to understand what  well being is and the benefits of Mindfulness

  • The Mindful Approach to Working Life – Taking concepts from our book of the same name, these are one hour monthly sessions for smaller groups of a max of 15. Each session involves a deeper exploration of mindfulness and wellbeing at work. Themes include:

Month 1: Exploring Mindful pausing during the day  to create space from stresses

Month 2: Coming back to now – learning to notice a wondering mind lost in worry about the future or overwhelmed and guiding back to the task in hand

Month 3: Attitude to Self – Raising awareness of our auto-responses and to how we treat ourselves in difficult moments

Month 4: Mindfulness of body to gain deeper insights to emotions, tensions and data that can feed our performance

  • Podcasts – created for your organisation these three 20 minute podcasts ,once a month support themes that have been agreed. For example:


Podcast 1:  “ Approaches to Tough Times – Conversations about”   an interview style podcast with Carroll Macey and HR representative and a Technical Expert  in order to share different strategies  and the lessons that have been learnt

Podcast 2: How to talk about Mental Health – increasing awareness of the signs of mental ill health so that staff are better able to spot signs and offer support or have a better understanding that might change their reactions to a person’s behaviour

Podcast 3: Returning to work – an opportunity to explore thoughts, feelings, what’s been learnt; what is important to turn towards

Each podcast could involve a conversation with one or two members of the team during which a set topic is discussed and tips are shared. All three would be recorded and edited and released in a timely manner to support the resilience programme.

Some feedback that we have had running similar programmes is as follows


  • This is the best explanation of how use a resilience based approach I have come across. It helped me understand what resilience is and how to support my team by listening and allowing them space to consider their own solutions. Thank you for these, I am looking forward to the next episode.
  • I really enjoyed this podcast. It made me think about some of the things I do (albeit unintentionally) such as going into solution mode instead of encouraging staff to try and work out the solution themselves using their own strengths which in turn builds confidence and resilience. Something for me to work on as well! I look forward to the next one and echo some of the comments below about it being good listening to other managers as well.
  • Useful with some helpful hints and tips that I will take forward in my discussions with my team, thank you
  • Great way to take a more rounded approach to management learning. Enjoyed having this on in the background as I worked away on admin. Look forward to the next one.
  • Some useful tips and hints on looking after yourself. Sometimes as Managers we are so busy looking after others and not taking time for our own wellbeing.


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