I recently heard a story about a second-year college student attending a lecture in which the professor was repeating a lecture that was delivered to first-year students. When questioned the professor said that yes the content was the same but the data set is different in the current climate.

This is so true of continuous professional development. As you grow in your career, as your organisation changes revisiting tools, techniques and applying them in the current context can be very enriching.

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.” T.S. Eliot

Skills Sprints are designed to cover the core competencies of leadership. These sprints are tailored to meet your needs in terms of time and location. Each sprint is tailored to your context. We use blended learning which can be a mix of using our Academy; live online workshops and/or face to face when appropriate.

Our stance is using a coach approach to make the learning pragmatic, interesting, interactive, memorable and impactful.

Skill sprints can be delivered as 90 minutes Dashs, half-day or full-day workshops. We also provide train the trainer workshops for some of our sprints.

Finding Your Voice – How do you handle those difficult conversations around performance,  speaking up in the moment and challenging inappropriate behaviours.

Influencing For Results - To achieve full success in almost any role it is increasingly important to be able to gain support of others through collaboration. This workshop explores your personal impact,how to get to yes, building effective relationships and overcoming resistance.

Me…As A Leader - Leadership and motivation, self awareness and flexibility of style, analysis of your people, delegation and feedback. Who you are being has a direct impact on your capability as a leader. This is not theory its practical application

Programming For Success – You are your biggest enemy! The way that we think drives our actions and our results. This workshop builds awareness of and re- programmes thinking to align with achieving goals

Conflict Management and Assertiveness  - Understanding your natural motivation, conflict style and that of others, providing insight into why people behave in certain ways and enables use of that knowledge to assert yourself appropriately and channel conflict healthily

Managing People and Performance – Effective performance management engages, motivates and enhances potential. This workshop covers :-How to have meaningful conversations your team members regarding their performance, giving and receiving feedback, identifying development needs and best approaches for supporting these needs.'

Resilience Booster – Feeling overwhelmed? Finding that your current strategies are not as effective at the moment? Explore different approaches to boosting your resilience. A practical life skills workshop.

Managing Relationships – What is emotional intelligence and why is it more important the higher you progress through your career? Understand what you do well and how to develop more effective relationships

Presenting with Confidence – Learn how to structure a presentation, design materials and deliver with impact. Get practical feedback from a coach on what you are doing well and how to improve.

Personal Effectiveness – Practical approaches to structuring your time so that you are more effective, able to focus clearly and optimise your performance.

Team Dynamics – Practical exercises and materials are used to help address issues in a team environment such as improving communication, resolving conflict, solving problems and using team strengths.

If you didn’t find what you are looking for, contact us as this is only a sample of our subject matter expertise

Take a look at our Academy where our learning management system provides your organisation with impactful, memorable, interactive, blended learning experiences, both in house and open courses are available.

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