We run a number of programmes all of which are tailored to meet the contexts of our clients:

The Refuel Programme, as detailed in the picture below, is one that we partner with a company called We are Beyond. They have identified 5 stages that lead to a more resilient culture and higher levels of employee wellbeing. This was developed after work we did with the NHS, where we provided (and still do) resilience & wellbeing coaching to frontline NHS staff dealing with COVID-19 and have made a measurable difference to the performance of the employees we worked with.

Are your employees running on empty


If you would like to know more about this programme and/ or would like a copy of our FREE Resilience and Wellbeing Toolkit contact us


1. What happens to our brains when faced with uncertainty or threat?

2. Breathe your way to calm

3. Changing perspectives to achieve clarity & focus

4. Top tips for building resilience

5. Gratitude Journal

6. STOP: A tool for putting the brakes on

7. Identify key resilience factors to help you thrive

8. Stopping unhelpful thinking styles in order to build a more resilient mindset


Testimonials to the impact:

“Coaching has made a huge impact to both my work and home life. It has made me more efficient and happy in my work and more resilient as a person overall. I don’t think I would still be in my current role if I had not had this coaching”

“I am so appreciative of the support my coach has provided me. At the start of this I was beside myself and whilst I’m still stressed, with this support I have been able to equip myself with some coping strategies, which in term has been hugely beneficial to my organisation too”

• The Leader As Team Coach Programme in which we raise managers awareness of how to recognise early signs on mental health illness and how they support their teams.

• Mindful Leaders – We provide a flexible tailored approach to supporting mental health in organisations though our Mindful Teams Programme.

• CMI Level 7 Strategic Approaches to Health and Well being -. The aim of the programme is for leaders to understand the impact of mental health and wellbeing on organisational performance. Leaders will critically assess the complexities of managing wellbeing and will appraise contemporary approaches for the creation of healthy work systems. The approach provides the skills and knowledge for leaders to propose a series of recommendations to create and sustain a positive culture of mental health and wellbeing within an organisational context



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Mindful Leaders
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