We are a boutique consultancy based in Nottingham, in the East Midlands. We set up practice in 2009 with a vision of taking our large corporate work experience in developing leadership and making it accessible to medium sized businesses. We work in both spaces, medium and large multi nationals and we love the variety of clients that we are privileged to work with. Central to our ethos is that we recognise that every organisation is unique, have challenges and importantly hold the answers to those challenges. What they often do not have is the time to reflect, the ability to see what is up close, front and centre and that’s where we come in. Our gold is based on working emergently, sifting through the sands to reveal the real treasure, and its amazing, magical, energising for us for sure but really the gift is in seeing the people that we work with thrive.

I’m Carroll Macey, the Founder of CM2. I am an entrepreneur, ex psychotherapist, coach, team coach and mindfulness teacher. I work with clients all over the globe and I guess what drives my passion for my work is helping people to surf change. You may have noticed that things have sped up quite a bit over the recent year and we have to find answers to questions that we don’t even know. That’s my job, helping people to be brave to face uncertainty, to sit in the fire of change and to cast new concepts in new ways.

Come and look at what we do.

What we Do