Leaders have experienced a significant amount of challenge since March 2020 as most organisations have been forced to respond to the disruption created by Covid by embedding unprecedented levels of change. The challenge continues as organisations are now busy designing hybrid environments that they hope will allow them to navigate successfully into the post-vaccine phase of their journey’s. We would argue that the real challenge is brought to bear on the “Leaders” inside these organisations as they find themselves in the middle of what one recently described to us as a “maelstrom.”

Our approach to leadership is based on an understanding that there are four forces that shape the way we work: these are the Ecosystem; the Organisation; the Team; and the Individuals and we are seeing the relative power of these four forces shifting significantly since the start of the pandemic. We believe that the world of leadership hasn’t kept up with the huge levels of change that have occurred in other parts of the system and that some of the traditional approaches to leadership have lost some or all of their relevance in such a radically different landscape. New leadership skills, approaches and philosophies will be required along with a  need to reassess leadership and clarify its role in a hybrid organisational environment.

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