It's time to rethink team leadership

The sweeping changes that the pandemic has bought has reshaped global markets and supply chains so dramatically and caused us to rethink the structure and the meaning of work. As the line that once separated work and home life has been obliterated, the qualities and skills that our leaders need to move organisations and people through the uncertainty ahead need to be different too.

The “traditional” leadership qualities need to be balanced with more “humane” characteristics in the wake of Covid-19, such as empathy, the ability to communicate and resilience. Leaders need to put in place the right structure, processes and resources to enable teams to perform remotely; to have better communication skills across virtual spaces; to recognise and work with people living with mental health illnesses. It's time to rethink leadership.

Our Approach

If some of the above resonates with you, join us on our Leader as Team Coach programme. Open or in-house. We create a safe environment for team leaders to refocus their attention on learning how to support their teams differently.

We look at:

• What are the signs of mental ill health?
• New ways of meeting the needs of the team members
• How do leaders help teams to work with increased mental ill health?
• Greater awareness of behavioural patterns in teams
• How to have powerful development conversations when managing remotely
• Productivity vs Performance vs well being conversations
• Appropriate leadership styles in disruptive environments


Listen to our Voice of America interview where we explore the way in which team leaders need to change their approaches in the aftermath of a pandemic.

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Leader as Team Coach
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