Friday, 18 June 2021 14:34

Our Common Humanity

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I am increasingly drawn to this phrase of Common Humanity. It’s something that I have as a figure when working with teams. It’s part of what connects us, if nothing else seems to in a moment of disagreement or lack of team cohesion. It’s a go to place to find a safe haven from which to set sail towards a collective purpose.

Having just come off a session that is being run by The Association for Coaching on “Coaching Through Bereavement” my interest in Common Humanity has been piqued and deepened in the context of our world today. To be human is to suffer, it’s one of those universal laws and I could wax lyrical about that for ages. Suffice it to say that we cannot know highs unless we have experienced lows. One does not exist without the other. Right now, suffering is at an all time high in most of our lifetimes and we are all experiencing collective trauma. Pain, grief, and suffering will come to coaching in some format in the coming months and years as more people will need and want a more practical help than may be found in counselling. And I am not diminishing counselling at all in that comment.

There have been few times of collective trauma for most of us: 9/11; Princess Diana’s death; Trumps inauguration, some may say. Now the sense of loss is huge, broad and deep. Death; loss of marriage; loss of dating for young people (and not so young); loss of freedom, jobs, security, certainty, education, friendships, partying, education; friendships at school; travel and much much more. So many losses.

As leaders the way in which we lead will need to change to embrace all of this. Our understanding of connections, relationships, common humanity, needs to be figure, front of mind as we move forward. So, all of us coaches out there, we must be ready to help people be more aware and take responsibility in different ways then perhaps is our norm. What do you need to do more of? Less of? Its time to start.

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