Great managers enable great performance.

Your aim is to grow your business and profit. To do that you need to ensure that your managers have the skills, capability and confidence to drive performance. Whether it's leadership & management coaching, performance management, workshop design and delivery or assessment services, CM² Consulting (UK) Ltd have the perfect package for you.Simply… We help you to play your best game

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  • Executive Coaching

    Drives results through..... Succession planning - creating new leaders, and support for newly promoted individuals / Increased employee satisfaction, motivation and productivity / Better understanding of organisational issues / Higher retention of top performing employees  / Improved organisational effectiveness via better leaders / Flexible, budget sensitive programmes / Choice of coaches – one size does not fit all!

  • Performance Management

    Actus performance management system increases business productivity, engages employees and improves compliance. This intuitive software is perfect for businesses with 25+ employees. Securely cloud hosted Actus is accessible on all devices. Expert consultants provide full implementation support to ensure the best return on your investment in the shortest possible time.

  • Leadership & Management Development

    The most effective leadership is the result of the manager’s being able to sustain the tension between personal goals and those of the organisation and finding a creative solution that can arise out of the paradox of leadership, being Authentic. We facilitate this transformation.

  • Career Transition

    We provide a comprehensive support in 1:1 or group format where managers can review their current situation and their future. We help managers to understand their motivators, drivers, skills and values, their contribution and fit and their future career aspirations and goals.

  • Assessment Services

    Whether you are recruiting new managers or developing existing ones we can provide support through design of assessment services and / or facilitation of a range of psychometric tools including: Prism ; SDI; MBTI: Emotional Intelligence; 16PF; Insights; Strengths Finder

  • 360 feedback and psychometrics

    Here the primary focus is on development. Managers receive 1:1 feedback across a range of management and leadership competencies, supported with written reports. From this process areas of strength and development are identified and action plans agreed.

  • Goal Setting

    Setting a direction for ourselves - goals, objectives, aims- whatever you want to call it - is a master skill of life - master this, and you can have the success you are looking for - and with the world changing as quickly as it is, this skill has never been more important than it is now.

  • Workshop Facilitation

    We have a full portfolio of workshops aimed to develop behaviours and skills that will enhance effectiveness and performance. Our style is to deliver each workshop in the context of your business and the people on the workshop. We work with what emerges making our workshop real, memorable and impactful for the participants and your organisation. Can't see what you are looking for? Talk to us.

  • Mindfulness

    Our Mindfulness at Work programmes help bring greater levels of self-awareness to work, enhancing concentration, focus, decision making, relationships, energy, creativity amongst a range of other benefits. The results are inceased performance, safely, well being and engagement. For more details on our approach to mindfulness in the workplace visit our website Our book "The Mindful Approach to Working Life" is available through Amazon.