• 28.08.2013

    How to deal with people when people skills don't come naturally

    Do you have a natural bias towards systems, processes, facts and figures rather than interaction with people? When it comes down to it do these elements effect your decisions more than the impact on people? Do you have challenges when it comes to dealing with gregarious sales people, marketers and networkers in your business or team? Successful people know that you have to balance the need for systems and processes with the needs of employees, customers and suppliers. The former should not outweigh building great relationships. Chris Cooper  of BeMoreAchieveMore interviews Christine Marsh who breaks the mould, coming from a natural desire to focus on systems, processes and logic but realizing that you cannot have success without also getting the people aspects right. If you tend towards introversion and detail this show is for you. If you are more gregarious then listen in to better understand the thought processes of what might be your accountant, lawyer, IT professional or project manager and how best to deal with them. Listen here