• 28.08.2013


    The book we have chosen this month is "Fearless At Work" by Michael Carroll. In the chapter Lean In, Michael talks about the fact that we have so mnay gadgets these days. iPhones; iPads; Kindles; Laptops. We can check emails; send texts; leave voice mail; sync; update; download; tweet; facebook just about anytime and everywhere!

    Whilst these tools are great they also mean that we can pretend to be busy and step away from life if we so choose.

    Instead of being driven by technology we need to be driving the technology. Instead of playing at life, Michael reminds us that we could actually nakedly live it.

    Here's some simple maths that could make a huge difference to driving performance in the team. 

    Lets say you want to improve performance by 10% - that equates to ( on an average working day of 8 hours)

    •                6 minutes per hour ( x 8 hours per working day)

    •                48 minutes per day (x 5 days per working week)

    •                4 hours per week (x 4 weeks per month)         

    •                16 hours divided by 8 hours per day

    •                2 days per month ( x 10 months. 12 months less annual leave, bank hols etc) = 20 days divided by 5 days per week                                      

    •                4 WEEKS PER YEAR!

    Can you save 6 minutes per hour? Perhaps by not accessing emails all the time or accessing data on the web.

    Perhaps that time could be spent in leisure, relationship building, networking.....