• 24.03.2014

    It was a privilige for me to be invited for an interview by Chris Cooper of BeMoreAchieveMore on why Setting Goals are important- listen to the interview here. Read more

  • 13.03.2014

    In this video the key ingredients needed to create a successful growth organisation are outlined, pus one more, the Fifth Element. Read more

  • 06.03.2014

    Came across this succinct and clear summary of Leadership Styles which may help you raise your awareness of what you do well and what you could do differently. Read more

  • 05.03.2014

    What do you think?

    I have just watched a Tom Peter's video clip that has inspired this stream of thoughts. Tom asks "What are the four most important words said in an organisation?   The answer: "What do you think?"   I've been working with ...Read more