• 26.04.2017

    A Coaching Lesson

    A Coaching Lesson

    The following was sent to me by a client who we have been working with for the past 18 months in developing a coachign and mentoring culture within their multi national business...

    "A coaching lesson from Fergie

    If there's one thing I've learnt from Sir Alex Ferguson, it's that the way your players feel about playing for you is vital to the success of your team. One of Fergie's greatest strengths was to make every single one of his players feel special. 

    Listen to the guys who came through Manchester United's youth team during the Fergie era. David Beckham talks about how Fergie was a father figure to him from the first day he arrived at the club aged 11 and helped him progress to the player he is today. 

    Gary Neville remembers the "traditional values and family atmosphere" that made the club so successful. And according to Ryan Giggs: "When you have a bad game or even a good game, he doesn't overreact too strongly with too much praise or too much criticism." 

    Last summer my old club had a reunion and I got to see some of the boys I had coached quite a time ago. One of them came over and we started talking about how it had been when he played in my team. He made me realise the power you hold as a coach and how important it is to make young players feel like you are interested and make them feel they belong to the team.

    He said he couldn't remember the things I had told them during training or in the half-time team talk, but he could remember clearly how I had made him feel. "We always felt that we were the best team and the best players in the world," he told me. "Whatever you said always made us play better and know we could win the game. I loved playing in those games because we always had such a good time - I can't remember ever feeling like we had lost." 

    According to Sport Psychologist Dan Abrahams, "When going into a really big game Fergie would emphasise the importance of soft skills such as concentration and focus. As a coach, Fergie was a strong advocate of the importance of the mental side of the sport - to me he believed football is a game of mindset."

    This is the kind of message you should send to your players. Tell them that maintaining focus is more important than the number of keepie uppies they can do. Playing with a freedom and being a risk taker is as important as fitness and body strength. 

    The soft skills are also the important skills in soccer."

    This is so true isn't it of everything that we do in life?  Who we are being, how we are being is so important. 

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