Great managers enable great performance.

Your aim is to grow your business and profit. To do that you need to ensure that your managers have the skills, capability and confidence to drive performance. Whether it's leadership & management coaching, performance management, workshop design and delivery or assessment services, CM² Consulting (UK) Ltd have the perfect package for you.Simply… We help you to play your best game

Developing Leaders background
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  • "You must be the change you wish to see in the world"(The Dhammapada)

  • Our leadership philosophy is “leading from the heart whilst engaging with the mind”. It is the intuitive blend of IQ and Emotional intelligence that allows a flexible and pragmatic style. We believe that leadership is a personal journey. We create a learning experience that raises awareness and enables responsibility of individual leadership brands.

  • We accompany our clients as they develop their leadership brand by providing, guidance, support and direction as required. The intention is that every intervention supports and enables the growth of individual potential.

    We focus as much on how we want to “be” as we do on what we want to “do”. We are not trying to clone leaders or negate the incredible successes already achieved in a difficult climate.

  • We all have our individual styles and it is vital that we build on what we do well and what has already made us successful in our careers. Yet our belief is that truly authentic leadership comes from the heart and is based on our individual values.

    The challenge of authentic leadership is that it demands awareness of self, others and organisational awareness. Our approach focuses on three things:

    • Authenticity
    • Presence
    • Congruence

    There is no prescriptive “model” of leadership that we will be putting forward. The intention is to build on what is already working well and blend this with current thinking on transformational leadership and coaching to develop a unique style that is effective and appropriate for each organisation that we work with.