Great managers enable great performance.

Your aim is to grow your business and profit. To do that you need to ensure that your managers have the skills, capability and confidence to drive performance. Whether it's leadership & management coaching, performance management, workshop design and delivery or assessment services, CM² Consulting (UK) Ltd have the perfect package for you.Simply… We help you to play your best game

Coaching background
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  • "Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."(Sir John Whitmore)

  • Executive coaching is becoming the preferred choice by successful leaders who want to achieve greater success. Why? It is personal, targeted and focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes. It is about stretch and challenge, achieving with least effort, reaching your goals whilst having a champion or objective partner from outside the organisation to support your desired outcomes.

  • Many leaders are tired of or frustrated by what leadership style they should adopt or are expected to have, and want to move toward leadership solutions that work best for them. A coach supports this transition, determining which facet of leadership is best suited to an individual.

    Coaching focuses on desired aspirations and outcomes. Better goals are set: goals that make sense to the organisation and the individual.

    Motivation and commitment are dramatically increased when we make our own decisions and solutions. A coach can harness this.

    Leaders often find they are too involved in situations to be fully objective or completely able to explore all possible solutions. Coaching uncovers options and opens the lid on thinking. A coach will ask questions clients may not think of asking themselves.

    Our coaching is completely private and confidential, and leaders will discover a freedom to talk openly in a way that is not possible within the business.

  • "For anyone in need of help with direction, I totally endorse Carroll's service. Carroll's 1-2-1 sessions came at a time when I was facing a major cross road in my life. I needed someone to help me understand what was right for me, without any agenda. I had 6 sessions and each one was deeply challenging but it has now steered me towards what I want rather than what I do not want. I will be eternally grateful for Carroll getting me on the right road to enjoying my life again." Toni

    " I discovered CM2C when I had reached a critical point in my career and was struggling to identify my future direction. Meeting Carroll was a breath of fresh air and within our first session she had identified the key triggers that I was struggling with and also quickly proposed practical solutions. Over the following sessions we worked together to identify what really mattered to me including career satisfaction, values and challenges ahead.

    Carroll’s experience of working in the Corporate world, combined with her skills in leadership and development have really helped me to asses, plan and implement a career change which is far more fulfilling and rewarding than when we first met." Bob